5 Common Myths About Yoga

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Yoga is an ancient holistic practice and philosophy, that originated over 5000 years ago. The modern form of yoga that we see, is only one part of this vast discipline. The aim of yoga is to bring about a sense of ‘union’ of the body, mind, soul, and spirit to promote overall holistic wellness and emotional growth. However, there are several popular myths about yoga, towards this ancient discipline, which prevents some people from enjoying its immense benefits. Therefore, today we are here to debunk the popular yoga myths and set your mind at rest if you are planning on starting yoga.

5 Myths About Yoga Debunked

Yoga being an ancient practice, there are various myths are roaming around the people. Here we have listed 5 common myths about Yoga that you need to stop believing.

Yoga Is A Religion

Even though the first mention of Yoga can be found in the sacred Rig Veda, researches have shown that the discipline is definitely older than the book. The principles of Yoga do not ascribe to any religion or preach a divine deity. It aims to heal the body, soothe the mind, hone the spirit, and nourish the soul. Any human being, irrespective of their religion or belief in a higher power can benefit from yoga.

Yoga Is Slow

A lot of beginner-level yoga indeed starts at a slow, relaxed pace to help the body get acquainted with the workout. But there are several forms of Yoga, which are fast-paced and equivalent in work to high-intensity training. So if you are looking for a workout session to sweat it out, Yoga has got your back. There are a number of schools of Yoga and you just need to find the right one that suits your fitness level and pace.

You Need To Be In Shape To Do Yoga

Everybody is a Yoga body, and hence, everyone can practice Yoga, no matter what shape they are in. Yoga, as a discipline is universal and inclusive. Your weight, health, or fitness does not matter. People of all ages and even those who are chronically or terminally ill, disabled, suffer from low mobility can also benefit from Yoga. In fact, there are various kinds of Yoga programs to fit every person’s needs and conditions.

Yoga Demands Lifestyle Change

Yoga Doesn't Demands Lifestyle Change

It is often said that Yoga is not a fitness program, but a lifestyle. However, it is actually a philosophy, that includes physical, moral, and spiritual compasses that promote holistic wellness. While Yoga can be pursued as a lifestyle, it is absolutely not mandatory to do so. You can choose to take up only parts of Yoga that you need. However, if you feel like it, you can definitely make small changes, such as a healthier diet, schedule, some mindfulness exercises, etc to improve your overall health.

No Yoga During Pregnancy

One of the biggest misconceptions that people often express is their concern over whether Yoga is safe during pregnancy. Not only is Yoga completely safe for pregnant people, but it can also be highly beneficial as well. Regular practice of pre-natal Yoga not only prevents excess pregnancy weight gain but also makes this period more comfortable, increases chances of easier labor, natural delivery, and healthy baby. Even those who have been advised bed-rest, can also do simple exercises and breathing, as long as the doctor okays.

Now that you know these myths are absolutely baseless and wrong, it’s time to head over to your nearest yoga class now!

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